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After months of sitting on the floor while studying bodywork in Thailand Matt notice that his hips had opened tremendously without doing any specific stretches. On returning to the UK Matt started spending time at desks again and soon saw his hips tightened up. He soon moved back to working on the floor finding it more comfortable and beneficial on his posture. However, it was hard to sit there for long periods of time, coffee tables were never the right height and extra bars or shelves kept getting in the way of his legs.


Matt approached Ed, a good friend and furniture designer, looking to solve numerous problems at once. Is it possible to design a functional floor desk with leg space? Is there a way to hide cables and keep the desk as minimalist as possible? Can it comfortably fit in a small flat and be attractive enough to live in someone’s living room?

After many iterations the floordesk was born. Using Ed's technical expertise and Matt's anatomical knowledge they combined CNC technology with smart design to create a functional desk based on a minimalist approach. 'Unlike most desks we designed the floordesk with movement in mind so that you can sit in numerous positions during the day to keep your body open and relaxed.' By developing the habit of sitting on the floor earlier in life and maintaining it on a day-to-day basis you increase the chances of joint flexibility later in life instead of getting increasingly tight and restricted.

Intelligent Design


The desk is designed with Osteopathic knowledge of the structure and function of the body. 

Based on a philosophy combining natural movement with minimalist, intelligent design. Allowing you the chance to move between numerous positions while keeping your back straight and hips open. Refining the way you interact with your surroundings and rejecting a model of static posture that keeps you in a single position for hours at a time. 

The floor desk aims to redefine our understanding of posture and encourage regular movement of the body throughout the day. The sooner we develop a range of movement the easier it is to maintain it. 

Locally Made


We build all of our Floor Desks, start to finish, from our workshop in Woolwich, South East London. 


Sustainable Materials


Birch plywood

We selected birch plywood for its excellent strength and rigidity. Due to the cross-lamination process employed in its production, plywood is exceptionally strong in both directions, unlike traditional hardwood which is strongest along its grain. This also means the wood is much more stable and will not warp and bow with changes in humidity.


Desktop Linoleum

In order to create a colourful and tactile surface to work on we selected Furniture Linoleum. We love this material for its low maintenance and slight softness-to-touch qualities, making it an excellent surface to write on.



Your Floor Desk should be kept indoors and dry. Spills are best tackled quickly to prevent liquids like coffee and wine staining surfaces. Flower pots should be appropriately protected to prevent prolonged damp on the desk top. 


Cleaning is done using either just warm water and a cloth or with a accompanying dilute PH neutral soap. Try to avoid saturating surfaces with large amounts of water. A well wrung-out cloth should be fine.

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