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small desk BIG IDEA

We believe in the small things. The regular habits that seem insignificant, but over time lead to meaningful growth. Our challenge is finding the keystone habits that initiate this domino effect. By taking a closer look at our environment we can adjust the habits that are often overlooked and create long lasting change.

People are spending increasing amounts of time sitting at desks while the body is commonly forgotten. We think that sitting at a desk should not rely on one ‘good’ static posture, but a dynamic process allowing you to move between different positions which open your hips, ankles and knees.​​


The floor desk is based on a philosophy combining natural movement with minimalist, intelligent design. Allowing you the chance to move between numerous positions while keeping your back straight and hips open. Refining the way you interact with your surroundings. 

Designed for sitting on the floor. The Floor Desk allows you to sit in many positions throughout the day, keeping your back straight and hips mobile. ​


We created the Floor Desk to work perfectly with a meditation cushion or a floor chair, allowing people with all levels of mobility to enjoy the benefits.

 We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit.”


- Aristotle

Based on a dynamic movement philosophy rather than maintaining one consistent position throughout the day


•  Minimalist design


•  Selection of surface colours

•  Fixed or foldable hairpin legs to suit your style​​

•  Locally and independently made, in London




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