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Sustainable Materials

Birch plywood

We selected birch plywood for its excellent strength and rigidity. Due to the cross-lamination process employed in its production, plywood is exceptionally strong in both directions, unlike traditional hardwood which is strongest along its grain. This also means the wood is much more stable and will not warp and bow with changes in humidity.


Another advantage of plywood is it is readily available from trusted, reputable suppliers. The timber we use in the construction of our Floor Desks is both PEFC (link: and FSC marked (link:

Desktop Linoleum

In order to create a colourful and tactile surface to work on we selected Furniture Linoleum (link: We love this material for its low maintenance and slight softness-to-touch qualities, making it an excellent surface to write on.


Furniture Linoleum is also manufactured from natural materials and is easily shaped and machined in a similar way to wood so is well suited to our workshop.


Your Floor Desk should be kept indoors and dry. Spills are best tackled quickly to prevent liquids like coffee and wine staining surfaces. Flower pots should be appropriately protected to prevent prolonged damp on the desk top. 


Cleaning is done using either just warm water and a cloth or with a accompanying dilute PH neutral soap. Try to avoid saturating surfaces with large amounts of water. A well wrung-out cloth should be fine.

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